Conviction for a traffic cases can have a sever impact on your life.

Driving Without A License

Pennsylvania is very strict about driving without a license and is forbidden by.  Getting this traffic ticket is different than a Driving Under Suspension ticket, and has different rules that regulate the penalty and possible PA license suspension.

In Pennsylvania, the penalties for driving without a license are the following:

For first offense of driving without a license,  penalty only without suspension;

Second violation and beyond carries a one year of suspension and fine;

The penalty for driving without a license is a fine ranging from $25 to $200 plus costs.

Speeding Laws and Penalties in Pennsylvania

If you are driving at a speed that is above the posted speed limit in Pennsylvania, you risk being pulled over and getting a speeding ticket. Never plead guilty to a traffic ticket unless you know how it will affect your ability to drive – points on your driving record.

General Law for Speed Limits

Subchapter F – Speed Restrictions of Pennsylvania Rules of the Road in General code states that unless otherwise denoted, or if a lower speed is required due to the existence of a particular hazard, speed limits are as follows.

  • 25 miles per hour in a residential district
  • 35 miles per hour in an urban district
  • 65 or 70 miles per hour on freeways where 65 or 70 mph limit signs are posted
  • 55 miles per hour in any other locations

In addition to the above, the Rules of the Road in general also stipulate that, “no person shall drive vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions…” and not at a speed greater than will allow the driver to safely make a stop.

Penalties for Speeding in Pennsylvania

A person who violates the posted speed laws may face charges of a summary offense and be responsible for paying a fine. According to section 3362 (c) of the Code cited above, these are the fines.

  • Drivers assess $42.50 for a violation of a maximum speed limit of 65 miles per hour.
  • The violation of any other speed limit is punishable by $35.
  • An additional $2 will be added on to the ticket for each five miles per hour over the speed limit the vehicle was traveling.

According to The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, if a vehicle is speeding excessively – more than 31 miles per hour over the posted speed limit – either a 15-day license suspension, receive a special penalty or both.

You will face an automatic license suspension of 90 days if you are under the age of 18 and charged with excessive speeding.

Driving under a DUI suspension

Driving under a DUI suspension not only affects your ability to drive, but  can also affect your freedom.  Penalties for driving during a DUI suspension are enhanced and have mandatory incarceration. Multiple convictions can lead one to be imprisoned in state prison for a prolonged period of time.

What should you do if you received a traffic ticket?

If you have received a traffic ticket, you only have a short time to respond.  You may either plead guilty, pay the ticket or you can request a hearing.  If you decide to plead guilty, points may be assessed against your license and placed on your driving record, as well as possible jail time, depending on the case.

If you decide not to pay your ticket, you need legal help.  The attorneys at Maturano & Associates have represented clients in traffic cases for decades.  Many times, a ticket can be negotiated to a lesser charge which will not affect the person’s driver’s license.  We, at Maturano & Associates will do everything possible, including gathering evidence, negotiating on your behalf or even appealing your conviction to a higher court. We understand what affect not having a license can have on your life.  We are here to help. Contact our experienced traffic case lawyers today at 610-313-3120 or fill out our contact form .

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