What is Crimmigration?

In the past, Immigration and Criminal law were seen as separate bodies of law.  Due to changing case and legislative laws as well as law enforcement trends, these two areas have intersected when it involves persons who are not U.S. citizens and have been convicted of a crime.

How Has Crimmigration Changed Under the Trump Administration?

The deportation priorities under President Trump have been expanded to anyone who is in the United States unlawfully, regardless of whether they have ever been arrested or convicted.  Their mere presence in the United States is enough to fall within the new priority. For those with status, anyone with even low level crimes, is exposed to possible detainment for deportation.

Put an Experienced Lawyer on Your Side!

Immigration consequences of criminal or fraudulent conduct can have a disastrous impact on a person’s legal status or their ability to obtain legal status. In the past, it was assumed that deportation would only come into play if there was a felony conviction.  However, even a very minor offense could trigger immigration consequences that could lead to detention without the right to bond, inability to naturalize or even removal.  It is very important to consult experienced lawyers, like those at Maturano & Associates before you plead guilty to any crime that may place you in jeopardy of losing your legal status.  Maturano and Associates have been counseling non-citizen criminal defendants, as well as their lawyers, for over 20 years. We have a long history of helping to put strategies in place that will prevent a client from being deported.  In many cases, waiver applications and changes of pleas can be used to minimize the immigration consequences.

Our team at Maturano and Associates has years of firsthand experience in the handling complicated cases involving criminal matters and related immigration consequences.  We are fluent in Spanish and other languages and you will speak to an attorney in your own language.  Contact our experienced immigration lawyers today at 610-313-3120 or fill out our contact form for creative solutions to your complex immigration problems.

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