Based in Pennsylvania, Maturano & Associates is a trusted and reliable firm with years of experience in the field of family law. Whether your case includes marriage, child custody, child support or family immigration, Maturano & Associates approaches each case thoroughly and uniquely to get the best possible outcome.

Over the years, we have seen many success in cases involving child custody and child support, whether the parties are married to each other or not.  When you are represented by Maturano & Associates, we will keep you updated with the progress of your family law case. It is our aim to make sure that you understand the law and how it relates to your case.  We will give you an idea of how much time the process will take and do it at an affordable rate.

If your divorce case involves international issues, turn to Maturano & Associates for our expertise. We have had many family law victories due to our unconventional and aggressive approach to cases. Even if the other party lives outside of the United States, most of the time, we can successfully achieve the desired result.

We also have years of experience preparing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.  In cases where the parties can agree, we are able to save you a lot of money with the preparation of separation agreements and finalize your divorce with very little litigation.  You can rely on Maturano & Associates to be the best family law firm for your unique case in Pennsylvania.

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